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We have all spare parts for your car from leading suppliers. Here you can search among thousands of spare parts in brake system, body, exhaust, catalytic converter, particulate filter, towing hitch, headlights, mirrors, batteries and clutch to name a few.

You can find parts for your car by entering the registration number above.


We sell brakes from SBS (Scandinavian Brake System) and BOSCH.

Bremsedeler hos Norgesdel SBS logo Bosch logo


With us you will find most of the body parts such as fenders, wheel arches, ducts and other economy plate products.

Klokkerholm karosseri logo samt bilde av bil chassi


Exhaust from Bosal and Fenno is supplied for most cars

Bosal og Fenno eksos logo samt bilde av eksosanlegg


Catalysts from BM Catalyst and Bosal for all brands


Particle filter can be an expensive affair, check the prices of our filters from BM catalyst, these are of good quality and the price is what we would call reasonable.


Brink hengerfester (tidligere THULE) leverer super kvalitet og god passform, alle fester og el-sett leveres med monteringsanvisning


Brink towing hitches (formerly THULE) deliver super quality and a good fit, all fasteners and electrical kits are delivered with installation instructions


Mirror housings, glass and complete mirrors are supplied for many cars


We are proud to deliver Sønnak batteries to your nearest post office, fast, affordable and with super quality.


We supply starters from JP-Group, Valeo and Elstock for most cars.


Norwegian cars are often delivered with high charging current due to the cold winters, we have dynamos for Nordic conditions.


SACHS shock absorbers are classics in quality, now you can find them at low prices at Norgesdel.


SACHS springs of top quality for all cars


Clutch from SACHS and Valeo, the best of the best for all brands


Flywheels have unfortunately become a wearing part especially on newer diesel cars, we have double mass and single mass flywheels for most cars on the market.

Forstilling / bakstilling

Since wear parts work well year after year, our range includes most cars.


A new tyrbo from JP-Group is a safe and good investment if the accident or wear and tear makes it necessary.


We have the most common parts that are slow when servicing and repairing an engine in a car.


WIX and Quinton Hazell filter at low prices, passenger compartment filter, oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, you will find it with us.


Multi-belt, V-belt and timing belt are all wearing parts and should be replaced at intervals. We supply quality straps in complete kits and loose.

Klimaanlegg / AC

Dryer, radiator and compressor for AC and air conditioning can be found with us.


Radiators from Nissen in original quality in stock in Norway.


Intercooler for most brands in stock in Norway for fast delivery


We have tanks and filling pipes for most cars in stock in Norway, quickly and easily.


Wipers should be replaced regularly to avoid wear and tear and poor visibility.

Drivaksel / Drivledd

Drive joints from NK are good in price and quality, quickly and easily from stock in Norway.